The Lost Cajun is Open in Lexington, South Carolina!!!


5078 Sunset Blvd

Lexington, SC 29072 

803-356-CAJN (2256)


Our Hours:

11:00am - 9:00pm 

Open Every Day!





The Turbevilles, Joey and Sarah met while going to school at Clemson University and five years later, Joey did the smartest thing in his life and ask Sarah to marry him! And the result of that union, produced (mainly because of Sarahs good genes) three great kids, Wesely, Emily Kaye and Manning.


Joey has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years,with the last 15 as a sucessful franchisee of a fast food chain and we are so happy to have his vast knoledge to help us grow our new company! Joey decided to become a "Lost Cajun" after seeing his locale market saturated with every "LikeMe" brand out there and made the decision to find something different to help his son Wesley get started.


Well, he found something different alright! After contacting out franchise company, Joey and Sarah flew out to Colorado and it didn't take long for Jon and I to realize that they were Lost Cajuns too! Joey said that what did it for him was the cultrue of courtesy and respect that he saw between the staff at the Lost Cajun and for Sarah it was the food! After another trip with Wesley, it obvious to everyone that we had found new family members!


Welcome to family!

Griff & Jon

The Lost Cajuns




The Lost Cajun Menu for Lexington, South Carolina 

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